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Buy egg incubators and poultry hatchers at best prices and offers in Kenya from Ecochicks with free shipment countrywide suitable for incubating almost all kind of eggs including chickens, ducks, gooses, turkey. etc. 60 Eggs Digital Incubators With Manual Turning Ksh 12,000 528 Chicken Eggs Automatic Incubator Ksh 60,000 2112 Egg Incubator, Digital Fully Automatic […]

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Quail Eggs care and incubation

You can ruin a perfectly good egg by improper care. Each egg lost is costly since it represents one less bird for sale. Observing the following tips will help you get better quality eggs: Collect eggs twice daily and three times daily if they are exposed to high temperatures.  Store the eggs with the small […]

Housing Incubation Quail Keeping Quails Kenya

Facts about Quails

Management of quails 1. At the age of six- weeks , female Quails usually weight ‘’ 175- 200 gms.’’ And the males weight about ‘’125-150 gm.’’ 2. Females start laying eggs at 7 –weeks of age and continue upto 22-weeksof age 3. Usually egg laying happens during the evening time of the day . 4. […]

Incubation Quail Keeping Quails Kenya

Quail incubation information

It is best to have your machine running for at least 1 to 2 days prior to setting your eggs. This will ensure that your temperature and humidity are exactly where they should be prior to putting the eggs in. Above is a chart showing the recommended incubation temperature and humidity for bobwhite quail eggs. Your […]