Selecting the Right Breed of ducks

There are two classes of ducks which farmers can raise: egg class and meat class. In the Kenya most ducks are raised for eggs which are consumed by the family.

Meat class ducks, also known as green ducks, are raised commercially only on a limited scale, but with the introduction of the Peking duck in the Kenya the meat class ducks are becoming more popular.

The first thing you must do in duck raising is to select the right breed to raise. As on expert puts it: “Choosing an appropriate breed will play an important role in the success and failure of the duck project.”

The following questions will help you identify the needed features of birds for your flock:

  • Purpose. What is your main purpose for raising ducks? Is it for eggs,meat, feathers, or a combination of these factors?
  • Location. Where are you located? Some breeds are noisier than others, a fact which you should take into consideration when neighbors are nearby.Noisy breeds also attract predators.
  • Management. How are you going to manage the flock? Will you confine it to a small pen or allow it to roam in a large area?
  • Availability. What breeds are available in your locality? Some breeds are rare, making them more expensive and difficult to attain.

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  1. for sure am a ugandan duck farmer,but i want to introduce the pekin duck in uganda. how much do you sell them pleases pleases .

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