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Quail Diseases and Parasites

The average quail producer cannot read about a disease or look at a picture and make an accurate diagnosis in the field without training, equipment, and experience. Seldom,without training, can you diagnose more than a few internal parasites with the unaided eye.Properly equipped and experienced poultry service people are of invaluable assistance to you in the field.

Much is still unknown and unsolved in diseases of quail.

  1. Ulcerative Enteritis (Quail Disease)

This is the most common and destructive disease of captive reared quail. Losses in young birds may reach 100 percent if not controlled. It is most commonly seen in ground- or litter-reared quail, but can occur in wire-reared birds. It is caused by a bacterium found in the intestinal tract.quail disease
If all birds on a given farm were inoculated with the disease the same day, the peak of mortality would occur in 5-14 days. However, this is not the normal situation. Since
individual birds usually contact the disease organisms over a period of time, some mortality may occur almost continuously.


You can identify ulcerative enteritis yourself by opening a sick or dead bird. Usually, ulcers are observed on the internal Continue reading