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Ways to set up you Quail Farm

This video details an easy way to set up your own quail farm. Because of their size, quail are susceptible to attacks from rats – it is therefore absolutely essential that the housing and runs are built in such a way as to preclude access by vermin. Being ground-hugging birds, perches are not needed.Most commercial quail breeders keep their birds in a caged ‘tier’ system, but the shed in which they are kept must have good ventilation as their droppings are particularly high in ammonia.



Tips on Quail Farming


Here are some suggestions to assist you with marketing.

  • Become a member of  Ecochicks Quails . You can make many valuable contacts with both producers and customers.
  • Advertise, advertise, and advertise some more. It does not cost it pays. Be certain the ads are attractive, clear, and concise. An ad or brochure that looks sloppy will
    not gain sales; seek local printers’ advice and assistance.
  • Keep a neat farm. A prospective customer judges you by the appearance of your farm.

Breeding Stock 

If you start with undesirable breeders, you end up with undesirable offspring. It’s just this simple; so be cautious when selecting breeder stock from your stock or from someone else’s. The following suggestions help with selection of the best breeding stock:

  • Buy only from reputable breeder dealers. Get the best breeder birds available; your future in the business depends on good breeder stock.

If you plan to buy birds or eggs

  •  Check the breeders for conformation in size, shape, and color according to the species.
  •  Check for off color, size, body or leg deformities, and other abnormalities. Continue reading

Facts about Quails

Management of quails

1. At the age of six- weeks , female Quails usually weight ‘’ 175- 200 gms.’’ And the males weight about ‘’125-150 gm.’’
2. Females start laying eggs at 7 –weeks of age and continue upto 22-weeksof age
3. Usually egg laying happens during the evening time of the day .
4. The Quails egg usually weight about ‘’ 9 to 10 gm.,and also goes to 12gm. With properly nutrition- care.quail
5. The breast of the male is usually narrow , and covered with equally distribute brown and white feathers. But the female quail has a broad breast covered with brown feathers with black- dots.
6. The male and female quails should be separated at the age of 4- weeks .
7. Sixteen hours of light perday should be available to the egg laying Quails . Continue reading


Quail houses and cages

Before applying for licence at KWS(Kenya Wildlife Serices) for quail farming, you need to have built a housing for quails and provide photos and sketches  in the application form.

A quail cage

A quail cage

One of the advantages in the rearing of quails is the relatively small space that is required. This also means that the cost of putting up a cage is less.
A good general guideline is to have two square feet allotted for every adult bird. Construction does not have to be overly robust, as walls made of wire won’t encounter many shear forces from the wind, and need only keep small birds inside. The bottom half of the cage, however, should be made sturdy enough to prevent animals such as skunks, cats, or dogs from breaking in. It is also wise to extend the chicken wire a foot into the ground so that animals cannot tunnel in or out.
Give your birds a place where they can have shelter from the rain and shade from the hot sun. Also, cover the food and the water so that they don’t get drenched in downpours
Keep the cage clean and put the feed in a place where rats can’t get to them. Cockroaches can be a problem if the cage isn’t clean Continue reading