Quails eggs incubators

Whether your raising bobwhite quail, coturnix, ringneck pheasants, or chukars, Ecochicks Poultry Ltd can help get your operation running by providing quality products  at low prices. We stock most of the quail products we offer and can generally ship your order within 24 hours. We also offer free training services on quail farming and advise concerning quail market in Kenya. You can get quail incubators and hatchers ,egg racks, breeding pens, transport coops and general consultancy on quail farming in Kenya.

Incubators and hatchers

All our eggs incubators are digital  and of high performance above 95%. We have different variety of incubators  both for small and large scale quail production. We are the best manufacturers and dealers of  high performance eggs incubators in Kenya

Our product line is continually growing to meet your needs. If you have any questions or product requests, please email us at info@ecochickspoultry.com or call us on 0727087285