Quail farming in Kenya

At Ecochicks Poultry Ltd We are helping farmers start quail farming in Kenya right from getting eggs, supplying them with incubators and training. We are also providing links from farmers practising quail production

Health Benefit of Quail eggs:  It is a fact that Chinese medical Practitioners have been using quail eggs for thousands of years due to it’s therapeutic and health benefits

Properties of quail eggs include:  stimulants, aphrodisiacs, anti allergies, anti inflammatory, hypo-cholester remnants, anti diabetics and many more.

Some of our quail products include

  • Quail incubators
  • Quail Feeds
  • Quail Cages
  • Free marketing of quail products
  • Trainings
  • Drugs
  • Quail Eggs Trays

We provide a one stop shop for farmers in quail farming

For more information CALL:  0727087285

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The Health Benefits of Quail eggs re proven and Quail Eggs are effective in the treatment, prevention and prevention f more than 30 ailments. In comparison with chicken eggs the quail egg, contains 6 times more vitamin B1, 15 times more vitamin B2 and others. It also contains Iron and other micro elements.The chicken egg is about five times larger than quail eggs, but quail eggs contain 5 times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, 6 times more vitamin B and 15 times more vitamin B2. Quail eggs are the only dietetic eggs in the world.

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    I wish to start this project.Assist with more informations-Eldoret

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