Solar Eggs Incubators

Our automatic solar powered eggs incubators enable farmers to be productive even where normal electric supply is not available. The solar power required is below 300 watts with small ones requiring as low as 100 watts solar power.
500 eggs solar incubator

500 Eggs Automatic Solar Incubator

Ksh 70,000

56 eggs incubator

Digital 56 Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 20,000

128 Solar Poultry Eggs Incubator

Ksh 32,000

300 solar egg incubator

300 Eggs Solar Automatic Chicken Incubator

Ksh 54,000

64 Chicken Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 22,000

104 eggs incubator

112 Digital Solar Egg Incubator

Ksh 30,000

Type of Solar Egg IncubatorPrice
Digital 56 Eggs Solar IncubatorKsh20,000
64 Chicken Eggs Solar IncubatorKsh22,000
112 Digital Solar Egg IncubatorKsh30,000
128 Solar Poultry Eggs IncubatorKsh32,000
300 Eggs Solar Automatic Chicken IncubatorKsh54,000
500 Eggs Automatic Solar IncubatorKsh70,000
Are the solar incubators automatic

Yes the all our solar incubators are fully automatic in terms of turning of eggs, temperature and humidity controls and hatching

Ho many eggs do Ecochicks solar incubators hold

The range is between 56 eggs to 500 eggs. The incubators have fully hatching capacity

What requirements needed before buying the incubator

Power is the most important factor to consider. Our incubators have the capacity to use both solar and the normal 240ac power supply.

A farmer buys a solar panel, power storage batteries and the incubator. The solar panels harness the sun energy and convert it into power for storage in lead batteries before supplying it to the incubator.