Feeding and handling of turkeys

Turkeys of all age group can be easily driven from one place to another with the help of a stick. For catching turkeys a darkened room is best, TurkeyHousewherein they can be picked up with both legs without any injury. However, mature turkeys should not be kept hanging for more than 3-4 minutes.

Floor, feeder and waterer space requirement of turkeys


Feed: The methods of feeding are mash feeding and pellet feeding.

  • ™ The energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for turkeys are high when  compared to chicken.
  • ™ Since the energy and protein requirements for the both sexes vary they must be reared separately for better results.
  • ™ Feed should be given in feeders and not on the ground.
  • ™ Whenever change is made from one diet to another it should be carried out gradually.
  • ™ Turkeys require a constant   and clean water supply at all times.
  • ™ Provide more number of waterers during summer.

™ Feed turkeys during the cooler parts of the day during summer. ™ Provide shell grit at the rate of 30-40 gm per day per bird to avoid the leg weakness.

Green feeding:
In intensive system, greens can be fed upto 50% of the total diet on dry mash basis. Fresh Lucerne is first class green feed for turkeys of all ages.

Body weight and feed consumption: turkey wights