Marketing of turkeys

The meat of turkey has nutritional and sensorial properties which make it almost ideal raw material for rational and curative nutrition. The turkey can produce 30gm of digestible protein from 100gm feed. The dressing percentage of turkey is 80-87%, which is highest of all farm species.
• The body weight of tom and hen turkey at the 16th week is 7.26 kg and 5.53kg. This is optimum weight for marketing the turkeys.
• The cumulative feed efficiency at the marketing should be 1:2.8 for toms and 1:2.7 for hens.

A market study shows that a male turkey sold at 24 weeks of age weighing 10 to 20 kg with expenditure of ksh 300/kg to 450 will give a profit of Ksh. 500/kg to 600. Likewise a female will give a profit of ksh.300/kg to 400 in a span of 24 weeks time. Besides, the turkey can be reared in scavenging and semi-scavenging conditions also.

Economic Parameters in Turkey Farming 

Male – Female ratio                                                1:5
Average egg weight                                                 65gms
Average day old poult weight                                50gms
Age at sexual maturity                                            30weeks
Average egg number                                                80 -100
Incubation Period                                                   28 days
Egg production period                                            24 weeks

Marketable age
Male                                                                       14 -15 weeks
Female                                                                   17 – 18 weeks

Marketable weight
Male                                                                      7.5 kg
Female                                                                  5.5 kg

Food efficiency                                                        2.7 -2.8
Average feed consumption upto marketable age
Male                                                                   24 -26 kg
Female                                                                17 – 19 kg
Mortality during brooding period             3-4%