64-192 Eggs Fully Automatic Turning Hatcher Machine,Light Incubators for Hatching Chicken Duck Quail Turkey Eggs


he 192 eggs dual fan and dual power automatic smart incubator works with both ac/dc inputs. The incubator works great with ducks, geese, quail or turkey. The coils inside turns the eggs on their own after every two hours to ensure proper formation of the embryo.

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  • egg incubator includes 5 adjustable turners. So it can hatch different size of eggs such as chicken egg, quail egg, duck egg, turkey egg, goose egg, even peacock egg.
  • Smart egg incubator can turn eggs automatically every 90 minutes. And control the temperature accurately. The success rate of incubating is much higher.
  • We adapt transparent plastic cover, which is convenient to observe the whole process of hatching eggs, and can meet the research needs of data records, perfect for incubation lessons and demonstrations. Cultivate children’s exploration of life.