Amazing 128 Eggs AC/DC Automatic Incubator


  • 128 eggs capacity
  • Fully automatic
  • 80W/12V DC/240V AC
  • Setter and hatcher combined
  • 1 year warranty
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  • Capacity: Can hold up to 128 eggs
  • Automatic turning: Turns the eggs automatically to ensure even heating and hatching
  • Digital display: Provides real-time temperature and humidity readings
  • Temperature control: Maintains a stable temperature range for optimal egg incubation
  • Humidity control: Helps regulate moisture levels inside the incubator
  • Built-in fan: Distributes heat and humidity evenly throughout the incubator
  • Alarm system: Notifies you if temperature or humidity levels go out of range
  • Universal egg tray: Compatible with a variety of egg sizes, including chicken, quail, and duck
  • Transparent lid: Allows you to easily monitor the hatching process
  • Easy to clean: Removable egg tray and bottom make cleaning a breeze
  • Energy efficient: Uses minimal energy to operate
  • Compact design: Takes up minimal space while still providing ample room for egg incubation
  • User-friendly: Simple controls make it easy to operate even for beginners.


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