Egg Incubator 128 Egg, Poultry Hatcher,With Fully Automatic Egg Turning And Humidity Control,Chicken Poultry Hatcher Egg Hatcher,For Chickens Ducks Goose Birds


Automatic egg turning, LED digital temperature control with readout,temperature alarm & easy observation.

Saving Space – Very little space needed to use this incubator – you can just put it on a small table.

More than 98% hatching rate.

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  • This poultry hatcher machine offers more space for a total of 128 eggs for incubating. It is extremely user-friendly, easier to clean and more versatile than other smaller incubators. Ideal egg incubator for small to medium series!
  •  The incubator is equipped with an LED electronic display, which is capable of intuitive display temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg turning time, digital temperature control, this all allows for efficient monitoring and close care for easy operation.
  • The digital incubator automatically rotates the eggs every 2 hours to improve the hatching rate. It will meet home incubation needs or help kids learn about the whole hatching process, cultivating children’s curiosity.
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