Feed mixers

KSh 85,000.00

Our types of mixer is very efficient even with the presence of fats and molasses. They use motor with geared function coupled direct or with gearing function obtained through chain drive. They can be used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders such as concentrates or premixes.


The mixers are used for the thorough mixing of milled animal feeds i.e.: cattle feed, chicken feed, fish feed, pig feed…among other livestock feeds.

Vertical Mixers:

  • These are suitable for fine mixing (up to 99.5%) of medium to coarse dry materials. this type of mixer is supplied with a breather to prevent overloading in automated situations.
  • The  Mixer uses a belt and pulley drive thus reducing the power consumption
  • This design allows for long maintenance intervals and is easy to operate.
  • It is available in capacities of 150 Kg, 250 Kg, 500 Kg, 750 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1500 Kg and 2000 Kg. Larger units are available on order.


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