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Poultry farming

How much does a chicken farmer make a year?

In recent years, chicken farming in Kenya has become so trendy as to be commonplace. As chickens need care every ...
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Calculations in making own poultry feed

We shall be using  The Pearson Square methodrelies on the Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) as the basic nutritional requirement for ...
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Chicken vaccines

Chicken vaccines and their prices

Disease  Age  Vaccine Name  Method of administartion Estimate price  Marek's  1 day Marek  subcutaneously injection  ksh 3500/1000doses  Newcastle/infectious bronchitis  7th day ...
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Points to consinder while starting chicken farming in Kenya

Can I rear Kienyeji for commercial purpose Farmers have been calling Ecochicks Poultry with similar inquires and this is my take ...
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Poultry techniques

egg shell seedlings

Starts a seedling bed using eggshells

You can start seeds in almost anything these days… peat pots, seed trays, toilet paper rolls, newspaper rolls, paper towels, or even ...
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Answers to Kienyeji chicken farming

What is Kienyeji chicken? There are Kari improved, Kuroiler, Kenbro and Rainbow Roaster.The term ‘improved Kienyeji’ generally refers to an ...
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How to start a poultry farm in Kenya

How to start a poultry farm in Kenya

Choose Your Poultry Sector How to start a poultry farm in Kenya is very common question to newbie poultry farmers ...
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Formulate chicken diets using Pearson square

Chicken diets can be calculated by designing a so-called Pearsonsquare The various feedstuffs are put into two groups: high protein ...
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Can you give rice to chickens?

Uncooked rice: If you are going to feed your chickens rice, be sure you cook it first. Once chickens eat ...
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Management of chicks in the brooder from 0-8 weeks

Chicks need heat at start of brooding until they emerge their own feather. Chicks reared through natural brooding get the ...
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Start Mini-Poultry Feed Production In Kenya

In order to reduce the feed cost which accounts for about 70% of the total cost of poultry production indigenous ...
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A 1000 layers poultry farm in Kenya

To farm 1000 layers is not a joke. You need  to automate  as many tasks as possible The layers are ...
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Is it a jogoo or a layer, sexing day old chicks

With most animals, it is relatively easy to determine the sex of the newborn. The male reproductive organs are located ...
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Mealworm farming for you Kienyeji taste

Mealworms are the larvae of the darkling beetle with very high  proteins for your livestock Mealworm combined with sukuma and ...
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how to raise chicken

10 Tips on Raising Chickens

Seek out neighbors and chicken farmers in the area Yes, the internet is full of useful sites for raising chickens, ...
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capital for your poultry farm

Sources of capital for your poultry farm

Are you worried about how to get funds to start or expand your poultry business? The best way to get funding for ...
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poultry business

10 Tips for Growing / Expanding Your Poultry Business in Kenya

Poultry farming is profitable alright, but a lot of people still fail and incur lots of losses in this business ...
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chicken house

How to construct a chicken house

The materials which are used should be: durable (lasting) easy to handle and easy to repair if damaged readily available ...
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Economies of broiler farming setup

Economics of Broiler Farming - at a Glance 1. Unit Size : 1000 broiler birds per month 2.250 broilers in ...
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cattle feed pellets

Cattle Feed Pellets Making Guide

What is Cattle Feed Pellet Cattle feed pellets are a kind of compound feed and mainly made from various raw ...
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Kienyeji diseases

Kienyeji diseases and their treatments

Disease Age affected   Symptoms Treatment NCD All Depression, poor appetite, coughing and difficult breathing, diarrhea, nervous signs, twisted neck ...
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kienyeji hen

What to do when Kienyeji Hens have drastically reduced their laying

What to do when Kienyeji Hens have drastically reduced their laying. You can boost kienyeji hens to lay by doing ...
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poultry farmers

Why poultry farmers fail in Kenya

Why poultry farmers fail in Kenya No feasibility study In most cases, farmers make little or no effort to carry ...
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kienyeji chicken farming manual

kienyeji chicken farming manual

Poultry farming business in Kenya is very profitable but needs to be done by the book to realize this profit. The ...
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