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Professional chicken poultry egg incubator, automatic controlling of temperature and humidity hatching rate more than 98%


Advance Electronic Thermostat,Auto temprature and Humidity controls,Clear Top for E-Z Viewing at any angle,Turbo Fan for Even Heat Distribution,E-Z Cleaning,Durable - Should Last A Long Time,Plug In Ready - No Assembly Required

Professional chicken egg incubator, automatic controlling of temperature and humidity hatching rate more than 96% This a high quality egg incubator that is easy to use poultry eggs incubator  are available in Kenya for hatching chickenRead More...

48 eggs incubator

High Quality PVC construction with sturdy design with spacious, comfortable and safe for eggs. Automatic egg tuner with digital temperature controller, humidity controller and day counter. LED display, temperature alarm. The machine require 240V power supply.

Ecochicks automatic 56eggs incubators and home egg hatching machines qre equipped with 1 egg tray, Microprocessor for precise control  strategies, digital temperature sensors and humidity sensors has high-precision and long life.

  1. Efficient eggs incubator is automatic in temperature ,humidity ,alarm and egg turning control.
  2. These egg incubator are all suitable for incubation and hatching .
  3. We use color plate housing for incubator' s appearance and adopt seesaw egg turning structure.
  4. Intelligent Hatch Controller
  5. Multi-function egg tray,the egg fits can put chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs .
  6. Micro-computer controller automatic controlled temperature, humidity, egg-turning.
  7. Hot air fan will automatic diffuse temperature, which makes chicken incubator temperature inside uniform.


56 eggs incubator
  • Temperature Control Automatic Turning with Built-in LED Candler
  • 220 V power consumption with solar option
  • Over 98% Hatching rate
  • Automatic egg turning.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days.
  • Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out setted range)
96 eggs incubator

96 chiecken eggs incubator  machine is used to hatching poultry egg incubator such as chicken ,duck, goose birds and other animal eggs , above is the all the parameter about the hatching process scheduel ,you need to confirm the data during the hatching process

96 chicken egg incubator

  • Test your incubator to see if it functions properly.
  • Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.
  • Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.
  • Set the eggs with the pointy side down.
  • Close the lid and switch on the incubator.
  • Press the reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from “0”. (this will also rest the egg turning countdown back to 1:59).
  • Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channels when needed.(normally every 4 days).
  • At day 18 you should remove the tray with the turning mechanism and place the eggs on top of he bottom grid.
  • Best Seller 98% hatching rate 96 chicken egg incubator chicken in Kenya with micro-computer controlling temperature ,humidity &egg turning, automatic and reliable control system;
  • can combine incubation and hatchery all in one;
112 eggs incubator
  • 112 eggs capacity incubation and hatching
  • Automatic egg turning with tilting egg 45°once every two hours; can be adjusted by yourself
  • Micro-computer keep the temperature and humidity invariable
  • LED display temperature/humidity/hatching days/egg turning time.
  • The high power temperature fans and heating pipe,ensuring the high hatching rate
  • Come with quality transparent quality base,Four large observation windows
animal feed machine

4 in 1 animal feed making machine has the following functions

  1. Grinding maize, soyabeans, omena, bones, wheat,cassava and all other grains
  2. Napier grass, fodder,grass cutter, hay and silage chopper,
  3. Maize comb,bones, crusher
  4. Mixer
176 poultry incubator in Kenya

176 chicken eggs, 126 duck eggs, 64 goose eggs
Precision digital humidity control, digital temperature control Optional tray with egg turning motor with fully adjustable turning period.

Dual-temperature controls. Automatic egg-turning, automatic temperature control, humidity control, and low temperature alarm. Set the controls once and chicken eggs will hatch after the normal 21 day incubation period with no intervention.

During the process of incubation, temperature control, over-temperature alarm and egg turning are automatically done by the controller. Besides the control panel is easy to operate.
Above all, the digital incubator controller is the ideal equipment for breeding poultry and rare birds and for small and medium-sized hatchery.
300 solar incubator

Buy this fully automatic egg incubator, which boasts of a dual power supply, to increase your production. It can be powered via the mains with 220V (110V with an adapter) and 12V (battery). If both are connected at the same time, the mains will be the primary power, and when there is a power cut, the incubator will automatically switch to the 12V battery supply until the mains power is restored, at which point it will switch automatically back to the mains.

This is a combined egg incubator and hatcher. It is equipped with universal egg trays which carry chicken, duck, quail and turkey eggs. If you are looking to buy an egg incubator, this machine will be perfect for your needs. Carrying capacities are:

small incubator for sale

Digital temperature, humidity and turning frequency displaying. Automatic turning system tilting the eggs 45º once per two hour (Setter Only), Forced air circuit by 1 fans with automatic heating and humidifying system. Operates on 220 /240V, 400W.

264 eggs incubator

 It is suitable for the farmers and specialized households to incubate chickens, ducks and geese etc. Power on/cut: automatic control with power on; manual supervisory control with power cut.It can operate after power cut for 7 hours time;


Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity;Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity.Using the world popular microcomputer technology, intelligent computer digital display, precise in control system.


880   pieces of Chicken, crow, pigeon, pheasant, partridge,wild duck eggs.
630   pieces of Mandarin duck, turkey, peacock, duck eggs.
320 pieces of goose, wild goose eggs.

  • Mirco-computer controlled on temperture&humidity.
  • Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature&humidity.
  • The incubator combines the setter and hatcher together in one.

Poultry Name : Egg Capacity (pcs)
Chicken(Pigeon) egg : 528
Duck(Turkey) egg : 378
Goose egg : 192
quail egg : 1326
Use voltage : 100V-120V or 220V-240V AC 50/60 HZ
Size : 0.8*0.6*1.1M
Volume : 0.8(m3)


Eggs incubator

The 528 eggs incubator has a hatch rate of over 99% with all parameters of incubation regulated digitally.

It's a full automatic machine that turns the eggs by itself and self regulates and controls its internal working temperature,humidity and ventilation.Also fitted with an automatic water  refill system

maize sheller

A new portable maize shelling machine,perfect for small scale farmers who grow maize or a business person interested in the maize shelling business

Our types of mixer is very efficient even with the presence of fats and molasses. They use motor with geared function coupled direct or with gearing function obtained through chain drive. They can be used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders such as concentrates or premixes.

  • Maize huller polishes maize by removing the bran through friction as it passes through the chamber between the emery roller and standard size sieve.
  • The operator will thereafter collect maize husks and muthokoi from two different outlets
  • Also used to make No 1 Shifted maize meal
  • The bran us used for making feeds

+ Free Generator
+Free Delivery

  • Performance above 90%
  • 1232 chicken Eggs
  • Can hatch chicken, quails, guinea fowls, ostrich and all other type of birds
  • Free maintenance for 6 months

Call Ecochicks Poultry to get this incubator 0727087285

Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Many research and field trials have  demonstrated an improvement in feed conversion with pelleted feeds versus mash feeds.

Advantages of pellet feeds
1. Reduce dust
2. Reduce waste
3. Require less storage area
4. Reduce the appearance of hay belly
5. Prevent animals from sorting feed

  • You can make grass pellets.
  • Feed pellet machine is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet,duck food pellet, fish feed pellet,sheep feed


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