Automatic Chicken Eggs Incubators

Ecochicks supplies high hatch rate automatic eggs incubators in Kenya. Our poultry incubators are digital. We provide training and free delivery countrywide

60 Eggs LED Display Incubators

Ksh 12,000

96 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher 

Ksh 27,000

Hatching Incubator 128 Eggs Capacity

Ksh 32000

528 Chicken Eggs Automatic Incubator

Ksh 60,000

500 Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 70,000

64 Auto Egg Incubator New Model With Rollers

Ksh 22,000

Ecochicks 112 Egg Automatic Turning Incubator with Egg Rollers

Ksh 30,000

300 Eggs Automatic Solar Incubator

Ksh 54,000

1056 Automatic Egg Incubator with LED display

Ksh 80,000

2112 Egg Incubator, Digital Fully Automatic

Ksh 130,000

Ecochicks eggs incubators

Ecochicks Egg Incubators and Hatchers are designed to the needs of breeders wanting to produce their own chicken on both a small, medium and large scale.

Eggs incubators in Kenya come in different capacities and sizes. At Ecochicks we supply incubators from 60 eggs to over 20000 eggs . Our incubators have high hatch-ability, fully automatic, low power consumption and of high quality. We have supplied them all over Kenya and East Africa.

Ecochicks was established to cater for demand of good quality eggs incubator and hatchery solutions in Kenya and East Africa. We pride ourselves as the best suppliers of poultry incubators in all counties in Kenya

Our  incubators come with free deliveries, warranties, back up solutions and after sales services


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