60 Chicken Eggs incubator

KSh 12,000.00

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Professional chicken egg incubator, automatic controlling of temperature and humidity hatching rate more than 96%

This a high quality egg incubator that is easy to use poultry eggs incubator  are available in Kenya for hatching chicken eggs,quails and all types of birds. Top cover is transparent, fan position use dull polish process, nice, mellow heavy duty
Operating control panel is inclined plane placed style,the oblique plane placed control panel so that the user operating experience better, customers can reduce stoop squat operation and other operation sanction, finger buttons efforts may also reduce.
In the bottom of the incubator increase adding water holes, and configured to customers free water injection while add water plug and when not adding water can block water hole. Incubator for sale in Nairobi, Eldoret,  Meru, Kiambu, Western