Chicken diets can be calculated by designing a so-called Pearson

The various feedstuffs are put into two groups: high protein and low protein.
Within the group they can replace each other, so the price will decide
which one will be used more. Then the averages for each group can be
calculated according to the amounts of each ingredient used.

Suppose maize is cheaper and more plentiful than sorghum, and soy-
bean meal is cheaper than fish meal. Including all 4 ingredients makes
the feed more reliable, as the ingredients complement each other. 5 – 8
ingredients in a mixed feed may be optimal.

In our example, you can make a cereal mix with two parts of maize
(8% crude protein) and one part of sorghum (10% crude protein) from
one group, to be combined with a protein-rich mix of 3 parts of soy
bean meal (44% crude protein) and one part of fish meal (65% crude

The weighted means of the cereals and the protein feeds must be put
on the left-hand side of the Pearson square, in order to find which
combination of the two will result in the required 16.5% of protein.

Pearson square

The protein level required in the complete diet is placed in the middle
of the square and the percentage of protein content in each food on the
two left-hand corners of the square. To work out the proportion of
each foodstuff that is required, subtract the small number from the
larger one diagonally across the square, as shown below.

The resulting figures on the right-hand side of the square indicate the
proportion of each mixture needed to achieve a diet containing 16.5%
protein. In this case, this requires a ratio of 32.8 parts of the cereal mix
to 7.8 parts of the protein feeds (3 soybean meal : 1 fishmeal).

Expressed in percentages of the total mixture, the diet will be made up
as follows:

For the protein mix, the same procedure is used to divide the 19 % in
the ratio 1: 3

With this combination of the 4 feed ingredients, we can now calculate
whether this diet will meet the other nutrient requirements as well: see
table below

The energy content of 3,205 kcal/kg exceeds the minimum of 2,800,
the protein level is good and the crude fibre does not exceed 7%. Only
the percentage of calcium is far to low for layers. It should be between
2.5 and 3.5 %. You have to add some limestone and bone-meal to sup-
ply about 4.0 g calcium per day and to meet the calcium and phospho-
rus requirements (in a ratio of 6 :1). Alternatively, grit or broken shells
can be given separately from the feed, for voluntary intake.

The proportion of the different ingredients in the ration is more impor-
tant than the quantity you supply. Poultry will not eat any more once
their energy requirement has been met.

Poultry farming is profitable alright, but a lot of people still fail and incur lots of losses in this business all the same. A lot of investors have blamed themselves for going into the business.

Every business has its ‘trade secrets’ and a lot of people fail in business because they do not know the trade secrets of their business. Poultry, just like any other business out there has its trade secrets which you have to know to increase your chances at success.
1. Start small.: Don’t start large scale poultry farming if you are inexperienced in the business. Don’t read about how people are making millions from poultry farming and then go ahead to invest your life savings into the business or  go and obtain loans to start a business you are inexperienced at. For a business like poultry farming, you have to start small and then expand gradually as your business grows and demands for your products increase. You should also do a proper feasibility study before you go into the business. If there are too many competitors or if the supply for poultry products exceeds the demand in your area, then look for somewhere else to start your business or look for another business to start. There are several other lucrative businesses in the livestock farming industry that you can consider.

2. Consider Meat Packaging and Production-: A lot of people get their poultry products from grocery stores and supermarkets. Very few people still buy live animals because they feel it is less stressful when you buy already packaged meat which you can use to make your meal in few minutes. Therefore, you should really consider having your own meat production and packaging business to sell the products from your farm.

Once you have your poultry farm, starting a meat packaging company is fairly easy. Just create a space for butchering and cleaning the animals, hire butchers and buy equipment that would make the job mechanized and faster, some refrigerators and then approach food regulatory agencies in your area for a license and boom! You are ready to start packaging your own meat.

3. Have your own sales outlet-: Another way to expand your poultry business is to have your own sales outlet and not rely only on supplying to retailers. You don’t have to have too many sales outlets; you can start with just one. You can sell your own branded chickens and chicken parts and fresh eggs to consumers.

4. Offer Mobile Sales and Delivery Services-: Twenty-four hours in a day is just not enough for most of us because of the kind of busy lives we lead. Now, imagine having to cook, shop for groceries, tend to the kids and do all sort of other house chores and still maintain a 9-5 job. It’s really not easy for a lot of working parents and this is why mobile sales and delivery services always works. A lot of people see such services as a live saving one; a service that brings you necessities without dealing with stress and traffic. With a van or two, you are ready to start offering such services within your area and that is also an expansion of your income.

5. Employ sales representatives-: Don’t think that your business is too small to employ sales reps or that poultry business is not serious enough to have sales representatives. Right here in my office, I have someone who brings me fresh eggs weekly and frozen chicken when I feel like having chicken.

She’s a sales rep and earns commission for each item she sells. I have also been able to introduce her to my colleague and friends who also buy from her regularly. Now, her employer is a very smart poultry farmer because even when I buy from the grocery store, I only buy their products. Having a sales representative is a good way to increase awareness for your products and increase sales too.

6. Have your own Hatchery-: Instead of purchasing day old chicks, it’s more cost effective to have your own hatchery for hatching new chicks. You would be able to reduce the costs of hatching and also increase output compared to outsourcing the service to other people.

7. Produce your own feed-: Another tip for growing your poultry business is to have your own feed mill for producing chicken feed. Chicken feed production is not so hard; if you can learn how to raise chickens, then you can learn how to produce chicken feed and if you are able to reduce the costs of producing feed, you would be able to increase on the overall profitability of your business.

8. Employ Experienced Staff-: Another way to grow your poultry business is to employ people who are experienced to handle the operational aspects of the business. If you have a really large poultry farm, you can employ business consultants to suggest ways through which you can expand your poultry business.

9. Take Stock regularly-: You should also keep an eye on the output from your farm. You should have a store where eggs are stored and have some people who would be in charge of stock keeping and counting the chickens regularly. This would help to prevent thefts.

10. Apply for Government Grants-: Agriculture is something that the government is always interested in. And that is why there are a lot of support programs for investors in the agricultural sector. Such support programs come in the form of government backed loans and grants. You should look out for such grants and apply for them.


Disease  Age  Vaccine Name  Method of administartion Estimate price 
Marek’s  1 day Marek  subcutaneously injection  ksh 3500/1000doses
 Newcastle/infectious bronchitis  7th day  NCD+IB  Drinking water ksh 500/1000 doses
 Bursal disease(Gumboro)  14th  Bursal disease(Gumboro)  Drinking water  ksh 650/1000 doses
 Bursal disease(Gumboro)  21st  Bursal disease(Gumboro)  Drinking water
Newcastle/infectious bronchitis  35th  NCD+IB  Drinking wate  ksh 500/1000 doses
 fowl typhoid  56th  fowl typhoid  intramascular injection  ksh 400/1000 doses
 fowl pox  70th  fowl pox  wing stab  ksh 700/1000 doses

Other common poultry diseases

 Disease  Drug  Method of administration   Estimate price 
 Coccidiosis  Amprolium  Water  ksh 2500/kg
 Worms  piperazine  Water  ksh 2000/kg

Disease symptoms 

  • Marek disease

Marek’s disease occurs as the nervous form, appearing as a progressive paralysis of one or more of the limbs. The birds are unable to stand, become paralysed, appear uncoordinated and slowly waste away from lack of food and water. In most cases the paralysis comes on quickly. In some cases the eyes may be affected, resulting in blindness.

  • Gumboro

The feathers around the vent are usually stained with faeces containing plenty of urates.Also, diarrhoea, anorexia, depression, ruffled feathers, especially in the region of the head and the neck are present.

  • Coccidiosis

Infected birds or chicks become droopy, look unthrifty, and usually have ruffled feathers, pale beaks and shanks.  Caecal coccidiosis has bloody droppings.  Mortality may be high and sudden

  • Fowl chorela

There is yellowish colouration on birds’ droppings, which is followed by yellowish or greenish diarrhoea.  Infected birds become droopy, feverish and sleepy. The birds also sit with the head down or turned backwards or rested in feathers about the wing.

  • Fowl typhoid

Ruffled feathers, paleness of the head drooping comb, loss of appetite and pale orange coloured diarrhoea.

  • New Castle Disease

In chicks, gasping coughing and sneezing is observed and ater nervous systems.  Birds may be seen sitting on their back hock joints; others may walk backwards; or in circles; or hind their head between their legs.

  • Fowl Pox

It is characterized by typical pox lesions in the form of wart-like scabs on the face, comb and wattles.

NB. The above prices only serve as estimates and help in planning. Consult with your local vet in case of any of the above symtoms and before administering any drug to you flock




Poultry farming business in Kenya is very profitable but needs to be done by the book to realize this profit. The Beginner’s Guide to Improved Kienyeji and Exotic Chicken Farming in Kenya covers improved kienyeji chicken farming, layers, broilers and general poultry production.

The Beginner’s Guide to Improved Kienyeji and Exotic Chicken Farming in Kenya focuses on providing information, tips and advice to help you start and operate a profitable chicken raring business in Kenya

Some of most important topics we cover in this African Poultry Guide include:

  • Chicken breed
  • Types of housing
  • Housing enviroments and locations
  • General conditions for housing
  • Housing equipments, drinkers, feeders nests and lighting
  • Types of watering systems
  • types of feeding systems
  • Feed compositionkienyeji chicken farming manual
  • Nutrients requirements
  • Feeding methods
  • How to feed poultry
  • How to make your own feeds
  • Feed formulations
  • diseases their cause
  • vaccination programs for broilers and layers
    Poultry hygine
  • Hatching chickes
  • Brooding and raising chickes
  • poultry management
  • poultry products including egg,meat,manure and wastes
  • Poultry farm records
  • culling
  • debeaking
  • vaccination
  • feed consumption and administration
  • cost and revenue estimation of layers
  • income estimation of broilers and Kienyeji 

and many more here. The guide costs ksh 700. Call 0727087285 to order


Chicken cages in kenya with a capacity of 120 birds per unit. Come with all water accessories and fixtures for addition of Manure scrapper and feed cart which are optional. Warranty is 1 years, rust free.

  • Automated controlled system
  • High rearing efficiency
  • Designed for rearing and growing
  • Floor saving and cost efficient
  • Easy maintenance and operation

1. automatic drinking nipple

chicken cages in Kenya
automatic drinkers

Automatic drinkers ensure efficient utilization of water. it also reduces labour and prevents poultry diseases from spreading



2. chicken feeding trough

long working life, good ability of anti pressure , good elasticity , strong heat resistance.

feeding trough



3. automatic water voltage regulator

with the regulator, you can adjust the water pressure to  meet the chicken water needs. it is very convenient and can reduce the cost .












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48 eggs incubator
48 eggs mini incubator

Ecochicks Poultry Ltd is a supplier incubators for hatching eggs in Kenya. We have a partner manufacturer abroad and this makes our machine highly efficient to more than 90%,  very reduced prices compared to other sellers, warranty, support and maintenance for free for one year. We also offer trainings on handling incubators, hatching and brooding together with general poultry production..

We supply our eggs incubators countrywide including Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Meru, Kisii and all parts of Western Kenya

Setting Capacity for Poultry EggsModel NoIncubator Price
56Fully Auto Eco48Ksh16,000
60Semi Auto Manual Egg TurnerKsh12,000
6464 Eco Solar incubatorKsh18,000
96Huru100 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turnerKsh25,000
112Auto Solar 112 Eggs DigitalKsh25,000
128Huru128 Fully Auto Digital Auo turnerKsh25,000
192Huru180  Fully Auto Digital and Auto turnerKsh35,000
264Huru280 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turnerKsh45,000
300Huru300 Solar Fully Auto turner Digital Ksh54,000
352Huru360  Fully Auto Digital and Auto turnerKsh57,000
528Huru530 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turnerKsh60,000
880Neo 900  Chicks Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner incubator with a back up generatorKsh75000
1056Leo1000 Digital Auto turner with a back up generatorKsh80,000
1232Leo1000 Digital Auto turner with a back up generatorKsh100,000
2112Leo1000 Digital Auto turner with a back up generatorKsh130,000



Mini incubators

These are small capacity incubators from ten eggs to 100 eggs capacity. The come in different shapes and operations. Some are fully automatic and others manual turning and controls.  Manual eggs incubators come in two main categories; manual turning and digital controls of temperature and humidity; manual turning and manual controls. They are best situated for

  • Hatching chicks for small scale poultry farmers
  • poultry and eggs hatching hobbies
  • School laboratory

Mini eggs incubators

500 eggs solar incubator

500 Eggs Automatic Solar Incubator

Ksh 70,000

56 eggs incubator

Digital 56 Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 16,000

128 Solar Poultry Eggs Incubator

Ksh 25,000

300 solar egg incubator

300 Eggs Solar Automatic Chicken Incubator

Ksh 54,000

64 Chicken Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 18,000

104 eggs incubator

112 Digital Solar Egg Incubator

Ksh 25,000

Medium capacity incubators

These are capacities ranging 100 eggs to 2000 eggs. All of these eggs incubators are fully automatic. The controls for temperature and humidity are digital and turning is auto. Due to the capacity of this machine they require a ventilation fan, excess heat fan, water and air heating elements and turning motors.

The have the following

  • Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
  • Full automatically temperature controlling
  • Full automatically humidity controlling
  • Full automatically eggs turning
  • Full automatically alarming
  • Full automatically cooling and ventilator
  • Back emergency system
  • Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator
  • Hatching rate more than 90%.

Medium capacity eggs incubators

60 Eggs LED Display Incubators

Ksh 12,000

96 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher 

Ksh 25,000

Hatching Incubator 128 Eggs Capacity

Ksh 25000

528 Chicken Eggs Automatic Incubator

Ksh 60,000

500 Eggs Solar Incubator

Ksh 70,000

64 Auto Egg Incubator New Model With Rollers

Ksh 18,000

Ecochicks 112 Egg Automatic Turning Incubator with Egg Rollers

Ksh 25,000

300 Eggs Automatic Solar Incubator

Ksh 54,000

1056 Automatic Egg Incubator with LED display

Ksh 80,000

2112 Egg Incubator, Digital Fully Automatic

Ksh 120,000

Reliable egg incubators with low prices in Kenya

Raising chickens is not an easy task but if you have the right egg incubator, your egg fertilization can be way easier. Egg incubators with low prices are a lot better at hatching eggs than hens.

For instance, single hen could hatch approximately 20-30 eggs each year but if you use an egg incubator to hatch the eggs laid by that same hen, you could possibly hatch 200-300 eggs.

The reason behind this is that a broody hen will stop laying until she has hatched her eggs and reared her young. There are a lot of external factors too that hinder the hatching cycle of a hen.

Incubators have a motor and a fan which keep up with the required temperature. Inside the incubator, eggs are placed inside a tray which are turned at least three times a day on specific temperature.

This device is great for hatching eggs. They are available in different brands and different sizes in Kenya and with the help of these, you can easily raise your chicks.

Incubators Available Online in Kenya

Egg Incubator is a device that artificially performs the role of a broody hen.

It helps in regulating temperature and humidity at perfect levels therefore creating such ideal conditions which allows the chick to grow inside the fertilized egg and the presence of the hen is really not needed.

Different companies offer different sizes, models, and prices. In order to help you make the best decision for your chicken raising future, simply log on to and purchase Egg Incubators as per your budget and requirement.

Looking up for egg incubators online? Ecochicks egg incubator online store has the best quality egg incubators that ranges from small scale incubators of eggs to a bit large scale egg incubation systems.

Egg incubators prices in Kenya varies depending upon the quality, brand, and the size of an egg incubator. The lowest price for egg incubator on Ecochicks Poultry Kenya starts @ Ksh 12,000.

60 Egg Manual Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 12,000
64 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 18,000
128 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 25,000
192 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 35,000
300 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 54,000
528 Egg Automatic Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 60,000
1056 Egg Automatic Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 80,000