Poultry Training Workshop

Ecochicks has produced a poultry training manual to help farmers  learn about all aspects of raising poultry for commercial meat and eggs production. Then to develop a business plan which will show them if they can make money out of a poultry farming enterprise operation in their country or region under the present conditions. There will be an instructor to guide the participants through all aspects of producing poultry. In addition  hands on practical work, visual demonstrations and a manual that will have diagrams, photographs and illustrations. Towards the end of the course, commercial poultry production will be dealt with in  specialised areas:

We have several modules as defined below

 Unit 1

  1. Poultry production and poultry industry in Kenya
  2. Breeds of chicken

Unit 2

  1. The breeding of chickens
  2. The incubation of hen’s eggs
  3. The blooding of chicks

Unit 3

  1. Housing and hygiene
  2. The nutrients and nutrition
  3. The feed
  4. The compound of Rations
  5. Feeding practices and appliances

Unit 4

  1. Turkeys
  2. Ducks and Geese
  3. Pigeons and Gunea fowl
  4. Preparing poultry products
  5. poultry Diseses and parasites
  6. Marketing poultry products

Unit 5

  1. preparing poultry business plans
  2.  financial projections
  3. market analysis
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