1056 Egg Automatic Egg Incubator, Intelligent Incubator, Small and Medium Incubator,Compact Microbiological Laboratory Incubator,for Hatching Turkey Goose Quail Chicken


  • Dual-purpose: In case of power failure, burn water on a coal stove and connect it to the heating hole at the bottom to run.Automatic water supply: the water supply valve is connected to the bucket, and the bucket position is slightly higher, which can achieve automatic water supply, saving time and effort
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High-block series digital display, automatic temperature control, alarm, egg turning, average temperature, wet supply, disinfection, water supply, coal and electricity. Intelligent computer automatic control, box-type egg rack structure, using reinforced and improved technology, can hatch and hatch at the same time, and can be loaded into eggs in batches for incubation

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