128 Egg Incubator, Automatic Digital Poultry Hatching Machine with Auto Egg Turn & Temp Control & Humidit, LED High-Efficiency Poultry Hatcher for Chicken, Duck, Quail, Bird,


Our incubator for chicken eggs front transparent box makes it great for observing the egg’s development and hatching. This incubator is suitable for various kinds of chicken, ducks, quail, geese, birds, pigeons, etc. It can hold 128 eggs of normal size when hatching.

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  • Intelligent temperature and humidity control 】with an automatic egg turner, temperature and humidity control;The incubator has two built-in fans, which effectively distributes the heat evenly throughout the incubator.
  • 【 Automatic Egg Turning Function】 The automatic egg turning device automatically turns the eggs for 360 degree. And enhance hatching rate effectively. Removable and adjustable egg tray spacing, better houses and separates eggs during incubation.
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