352 eggs incubator in Kenya

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Ecochicks provides eggs incubator in Kenya which are full automatic,newest outlook,various kind of controllers,  High quality spare parts and poultry training while collecting the incubators.

  • automatic control
  • low power consumption
  •  long life span
  • it can be used for incubating chicken eggs, duck eggs,goose eggs,quail eggs,bird eggs,ostrich eggs and emu eggs.

Features 352 automatic poultry eggs incubators in Kenya

Total capacity for eggs:352 for eggs of chickens, black-bone chickens, pigeons, earth chickens, mountain chickens, partridges;
63 for eggs of mandarin ducks, turkeys, peacocks, ducks;
2160 for eggs of middle geese, geese, wide geese;

  1. Working voltage: 220V
  2. Electric power: 200 W
  3. Precision of temperature measurement: ≤±0.1°C
  4. automatic incubator—-one machine may be hatching in batches .
  5. he precision of temperature and humidity control, imported temperature and humidity sensors
  6. scientific ventilation system

Tiers for incubating1
Over Egg turning cycle0.1—25.5h (adjustable, factory set to 1.5hours)
Eggs turning time1-999 seconds (adjustable, factory set to 180 seconds)
Ventilation cycle0.1-25.5h (adjustable, factory 0.1hour)
Ventilation time0-255 seconds (adjustable, factory 5 seconds)
Size of the equipment0.7×0.55×0.8(m)
Working voltage220v/50hz
Heater power260w
Accuracy of temperature control+0.1°c
Temperature range4~99.9°C
Moisture range0—99%RH
Accuracy of moisture control<5% RH
Maximum eggs turning time999


How to operate/Operation demonstrate


  1. Put water into the tray before use , the water level must be higher than the heater
  2. Put the eggs on the egg tray
  3. Plug in power
  4. Temperature and humidity setting

 Factory Settings:

  • Reference temperature: 38.0 °C;
  • Reference humidity: 60% RH;
  • Cycle of egg-turning: 90-minute;
  • Time of egg-turning: 180 seconds;
  • Ventilation cycle: 120 minutes;
  • Ventilation time: 30 seconds

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  1. sammy

    i would love to buy ECO 352 full automatic poultry egg incubator for commercial purposes and if i get it, will be there an education offered and where is your location
    thank you

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