60 egg incubator which is portable and durable hatching incubator with temperature LED display

  • 1year Warranty.
  • Economical egg incubator with 60 chicken egg capacity / 30 goose eggs.
  • Turbo fan to even inside temperature.
  • Adjustable temperature control knob.
  • Power : 240v. Watts : 115 W.
  • A temperature range of 35 to 40 degrees.

The Manual 60 Eggs Incubator is a lower cost alternative and gives you the fun of fully controlling the whole process. The unit has a simple and user-friendly design so even the beginner can operate the machine and at the same time learn the basic of incubating the chicks. The transparent plastic cover allows you and your kids to witness the hatching of maximum 60 eggs. The Manual 60 Eggs Incubator also features turbo fan to even the inside temperature.

This 60 egg manual turning incubator is simple and easy to use. Manual turning incubators are generally more reliable then automatic models due to having fewer moving parts. The cover is also transparent to allow viewing of newly hatched chicks.

The manual turning process: This involves gently rolling the eggs inside the incubator with the palm of your hand once a day to mimic a brooding hen or bird. This process normally takes 1 to 3 minutes depending on how many eggs you have. Rolling the eggs is quite simple and straight forward but if your still unsure, the staff at the enfield store would be glad to talk you through it.

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Product description

Hatching your own chicklings is no longer a hard project!
without the mother present, only simply plug in and add water and eggs, and come with an electronic thermostat that regulates temperature in the right degree.
Top tips for hatching in an incubator: successfully hatching chickens that are healthy depends completely on maintaining a controlled environment for the entire period of incubation. The main factors to be controlled are:
*ventilation (oxygen);
Care more about those 4 main factors, our model is just your ideal one! affordable! eco 60 eggs incubator
* octagon with clear top design, simple and easy to use
* robust hygienic pp construction for easy cleaning: better than others’ pvc
* adjustable temperature control: with a control knob & red warning lamp
* humidity control: separate water compartments
* air circulation for even incubator temperature: built-in turbo fan & air vent assisted
* clear dome for excellent visibility: large viewing area for the process in any time
* abs material egg tray: 38cm sufficiently wide * european standard: ce certified
* power: 220-240v / 50-60hz, <=115w
* high-capacity: spacious, can hold up to 60 chicken eggs or 30 goose eggs
package includes:
1x egg incubator with power cable (250v/13a);
1x user manual.
Size – 18.2x10x9.

These simple and reliable egg incubators are perfect for families and households that want to start incubating chickens, ducks and goose. The simplicity design and functions let the kids and family to learn the basics of incubating the chicks.Automatic circulated air incubator with am plastic base and clear perspex cover, electronic thermostat. Excellent visibility, simple to use and easy to read. Capacity 60 chicken, 42 turkey eggs, 50 duck, 30 goose.


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