96 holding capacity egg incubator with auto turning and temperature humidity display

96  approved Eggs Incubator with high-quality assurance,dual display control panel, full automatic eggs turning, fully automatic control of temperature and humidity. Incubation rate is as high as 98%

The incubator use double sensor for temperature and humidity, so they more precise, and using bigger fan and new design for the middle layer, so the temperature will be more stable for the bottom layer

We gurantee One year warranty,we do Direct Sales,also can offer  service.We can arrange the Training &Installation.

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1). High economic benefit: use electricity as the main heat source, coal as the assisstant, including honeycomb briquette,eggette,coal cake,charcoal,liquefied gas,etc. Also it can keep homoiothermal by replacing the hot water;the incubator breed  on  top,  hatcher below

2). Power on/cut: automatic control with power on; manual supervisory control with power cut.It can operate after power cut for a certain time;

3). Dual warming tube & humidification tube; dual on-off control for warming & humidification;

4). Two-heating pipe,  two-wetting, double switch control heating and humidifying system.


5). Saving Electricity: 50% saved compared with old incubator;


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