Egg incubator controller plus sensors


  • Full automatically temperature controlling
  • Full automatically humidity controlling
  • Full automatically eggs turning
  • Full automatically alarming


Digital displaying of temperature,humidity
2.Full automatically temperature controlling
3.Full automatically humidity controlling
4.Full automatically eggs turning
5.Full automatically alarming
6.Full automatically ventilator
7.Back emergency system
Main Technical Index:
1. Temperature display range: 0 ~ 99.9 ℃
2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
3. Humidity display range: 0-99% RH
4. Humidity control accuracy: ± 3% RH
5. Output path: 7 Road ( over-temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg-left turning, egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm )
6. The maximum output load


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