192 Eggs Fully Automatic Turning Hatcher Machine,Light Incubators for Hatching Chicken Duck Quail Turkey Eggs with Temperature Control and LED Candler Brooder


  • Fully automatic egg turning and temperature control
  • AC/DC dual power solar egg Incubator
  • LCD viewing screen is more clear
  • Applicable : Birds, chickens, ducks, geese, quail, turkey
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The 192 egg dual fan and dual power automatic smart incubator works with both ac/dc inputs. The incubator works great with ducks, geese, quail or turkey. The coils inside turns the eggs on their own after every two hours to ensure proper formation of the embryo. The two fans inside the incubator helps with air circulation and keeps the incubator warm for effective functioning of the machine. The automatic smart machine guarantees more than 92% productivity meaning that almost all the eggs will eventually hatch into full grown chicks .However, to achieve these results, ensure that you use fresh fertilized eggs that are not older than seven days. To add water for humidity, use the 250ml water bottle twice a day and don’t open the incubator often, as it interferes with the air circulation.

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