128 capacity brand new egg incubator,with digital readings

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1.Automatic egg turning with tilting egg 360°once every two hours; can be adjusted by 

2.Micro-computer keep the temperature and humidity invariable

3.LED display temperature/humidity/hatching days/egg turning time.
4.Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out set range)
5.The latest updated model,more accurate and stable.

The high power temperature fans and heating pipe,ensuring the high hatching rate
6.Come with quality transparent quality base,Four large observation windows
7.Easy to clean,simple to use with instructions included..
8.Excellent quality,EU standard/approved
9.Suitable for incubating all poultry:chickens,ducks,turkey,etc.
10.Alarm bell when you increase or decrease the heat and humidity

LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days/egg 

turning times.


Micro-computer  connect humidity and temperature sensor to keep the temperature and humidity invariable

The high power temperature fans and heating pipe,

ensuring the high hatching rate.

 Four large observation windows, can also be used as 

ventilation windows when the eggs hatched and the

chicks matured.

Double temperature fan and high power metal heating

pipe ensure the high hatching rate .

Some kinds of  eggshell are very thick.just like goose’s

egg ). The last three days of  incubation,

we need to increase the humidity from 60% to 75% to

make the eggshell  are easily broken.


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