528 capacity automatic egg incubator with digital controllers

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Product description

Features of incubator for 528 egg solar/electric egg incubator Egg incubator Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency Egg incubator Full automatically temperature controlling Egg incubator Full automatically humidity controlling Egg incubator Full automatically eggs turning Egg incubator Full automatically alarming Egg incubator Full automatically cooling and ventilator Egg incubator Back emergency system Egg incubator Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator


1. Mirco-computer controlled on temperture & humidify

2. Energy can be electricity & coal

3. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature&humidify

4. Energy-saving and environment protection

5. Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximise your profit

Technology Parameters:

About us:

1. It is the deluxe version with a high quality, Accurate electonic heat and humidity controller instead of the cheap and nasty waffle-plaste system seen on other egg incubators.

2. The egg incubator has a two-fan cooling/heating system, With a sepate air heater coil at the top and a water heater element in the water bath below.

3. The system includes a large plastic hatching basket, Which will work as a brooder for the first couple of days of the chicks life.

4. The entire system is programmable via the control unit, Which is conveniently located at the top of the egg incubator, and is very easy to set for optimal results.

Product Type : eco-528II ( Egg Incubator )

power: 400W

Total Weight : 90kg

Voltage : 220V /240VA

Measurement Accuracy : <=0.1°C,

Product appearance : High-grade polymer material
Applicable : Chicken, duck, bird, goose,quail and so on
Egg capacity : 528 chicken eggs

Accessories :  Protective foam, incubators, power cable, manual

Product Features : 1.Temperature and humidity control

2.Automatic alarm system

3.Automatic egg  turning system(per 2 hours)

4.Using coal , electricity two heating method

Main material

1) Exterior structure in colorful steel plate; 

2) The edge covered by aluminum alloy.

  • Free backup generator.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • High Hatching efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic water refill system.
  • Long life over 25yrs


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