New Model 96 chicken hatchery egg incubator

KSh 29,000.00

  • Best Seller 98% hatching rate 96 chicken egg incubator chicken in Kenya with micro-computer controlling temperature ,humidity &egg turning, automatic and reliable control system;
  • can combine incubation and hatchery all in one;


  • Ecochicks poultry has chicken hatchery for 96 eggs now available in Kenya. This is an advanced new model with higher and better hatch rates¬†eggs incubators in kenya.¬†
  • Fully Automatic Digital LED Turning Chicken Duck Eggs Poultry.
  • Energy can be electricity or solar , so it can work with other energy even if the electric cut off;
  • Automatically reserve the hatching data even when it is power failure;
  • Egg incubator hull is colorful steel plate having a insulation layer to avoid heat escape,so it can save electricity;


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