Kari Naivasha Poultry Training

  • Basic poultry husbandry: The training covers the basics of poultry husbandry, including breed selection, housing, feeding, and disease prevention and control.
  • Feed formulation and management: The training covers the principles of feed formulation and management, including the selection of feed ingredients and the preparation of balanced diets for poultry.
  • Poultry health and management: The training covers the important aspects of poultry health and management, including biosecurity measures, disease prevention and control, and the administration of vaccines and medications.
  • Record-keeping: The training covers the importance of record-keeping and provides instruction on how to maintain accurate records of important aspects of the poultry operation, such as feed consumption, egg production, and mortality rates.
  • Marketing and entrepreneurship: The training covers the basics of marketing and entrepreneurship, including pricing, target market, and distribution channels.
  • Financial management: The training covers the basics of financial management, including budgeting, cost analysis, and financial reporting.
  • Agricultural extension services: The training covers the role of agricultural extension services in providing support and advice to poultry farmers.
  • Hands-on experience: The training provides hands-on experience in the practical aspects of poultry farming, including feeding, watering, and caring for the birds.
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities: The training provides opportunities for mentorship and networking with other poultry farmers and experts in the industry.

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