Quail Eggs incubators

120 eggs incubator manual                                                                                                     Ksh 14,000
Dual incubator, 48 eggs in automatic mode and 240 eggs in manual mode          Ksh 25,000
536 eggs incubator, fully automatic                                                                                    Ksh  78,000
1300 eggs incubator, fully automatic                                                                                 Ksh 95,000

Quail Chicks

  • 1 Day old =   Ksh 100
  • 1 Week old =  Ksh 170
  • 2 Weeks old =  Ksh 220
  • 3 Weeks old = Ksh  300
  • 4 Weeks old =  Ksh 350

Quail Housing and Cages

Ready made housing cages for quails

50 quails  –   Ksh  25,000
100 quails Ksh 35,000
Above 100 quails, please contact us on 0727087285. We also offer free information on design of quail housing. You can also contract us to build a custom housing for quails. We provide several designs from our engineers

Quails Eggs

The current market price for fertile quail egg is Ksh 35 per egg. We don’t sell the eggs, however we provide contacts of the suppliers to our customers as value addition after buying incubators from us.

Feeds and Drugs

We provide free information on where to buy feeds and drugs for free. Emails us at [email protected] or visit



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