Genuine 2 weeks old chicks kuroiler and improved kienyeji

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Breed Profile: Kuroiler Chicken

Breed Name: Kuroiler.
Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus.
Other Names: Kroiler, Croiler.
Temperament: Feeds continuously, Friendly and Forages well.
Purpose: Meat and Eggs.
Body Size: Large.
Broodiness: Poor.
Climate: Most Climates, can tolerate heat and cold.
Comb: Single.
Eggs Productivity: Medium.
Size of Eggs: Medium.
Colour of eggs: Brown.
Colour: Several colour varieties.

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Characteristics of the Kuroiler
● A dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs;
● Multi-coloured in appearance and highly
preferred by smallholder farmers, also useful for
● Hens attain 2.5 kg within 12 months, begin
laying eggs at five to six months, and then lay


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