104 fully automatic rollers egg incubator with digital controllers and in built egg candler



Details of egg incubator:
(1)Capacity: 104 chicken
(2)Voltage: 12V/110/220V,12V&220V Weight: 7.8kgs
(3)Package size: 52*53*34 CM
(4)Hatching rate: More than 98%
(5)Package details: Carton with foam inside

Specifications of incubator
1. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
2. Full automatically temperature controlling
3. Full automatically eggs turning
4. Full automatically alarming
5. Full automatically cooling and ventilator
6. Back emergency system
7. Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator

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104 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning Chicken
Bright and large digital temperature indicator!
Ease to use!
Item description
Capacity: 104 chicken eggs with a grid/ 150 chicken eggs without grid
Egg turning: automatic – with grid and turning device / manual – without grid (if you remove grid from the incubator)
Voltage: 220 V
Power consumption: 100W
Temperature controller: digital
Size: 795 x 595 x 295 mm (without the egg turning device)
Weight: about 2.2-3.2 kg (depending on configuration)
Connect 12V battery optional
You can place to the incubator 104 chicken eggs with a grid.
When you remove the grid you can place to the incubator 150 chicken eggs. In this case, the turning is performed manually – you need to track the intervals of time and manually turn the eggs.
The turning device in automatic mode (every four hours) moves grid for the eggs and rolling the eggs.
You can order additional grids for 55 goose or 260 quail eggs.
The temperature in the incubator, is provided by a digital temperature controller and temperature sensor. The digital indicator on the lid shows the current temperature inside the incubator. For change (adjust) temperature there are two buttons below the display: the left reduces the temperature, and the right increases (in increments of 0.1 degrees).
The temperature measurement accuracy – 0.1 degrees.
The accuracy of temperature when temperature stabilized – 0.1 degree (after the warming up incubator).
The display shows the actual temperature in the incubator: 
no delay in time and without averaging the values, without hiding the underheating!
Equipment incubator with a backup power supply from a 12V battery in case of loss of primary power supply (220 V) – your guarantee of the continuity of the incubation.
Safe infrared distributed electric heaters evenly heat the entire volume of the incubator and create the most favorable conditions of incubation, so close to natural (including air ionization). 
The body of the incubator is made of Styrofoam – a material with optimum for this device thermodynamic characteristics
SE – material with additives for protection against ignition (flame retardants), designed for the production of heat and sound insulating plates, components for vehicles, floating products, decorative products, fittings for the construction industry and packaging for industrial use. Containing flame retardants ALPHAPOR brand can produce fireproof expanded polystyrene does not support combustion and self-extinguished as soon as they lose contact with open flame.
If you use the healthy ovum aggs and adhere to recommendations – 100% hatched chicks as a result.
One parcel contain: 1 incubator with turning device and a grid for 104 chicken eggs.
Please select additional grid for 55 goose or 260 quail eggs if you need.


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