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Taking care of fertile eggs before incubation

The most important thing to remember about fertile eggs meant for hatching is that they’re living things — they must be handled gently and kept at the right temperature or they’ll die. Don’t shake them orRead More…


How to feed your chicks

Feeding Schedule for Brown Egg Layers and Leghorns: 0-6 weeks 20-21% protein chick starter 6-10 weeks16-19% protein pullet grower 18-22 weeks at onset of egg production16-18% protein layer diet (20% layer feed is fine for freeRead More…


Chicken Eggs Candling

Candling eggs is a very exciting time. Candling a week after incubation allows you to find out if an egg is fertile and allows you to remove clear eggs. Candling again after another week allows you to remove any ‘dead in shell’ embryos,Read More…