1056 Eggs incubator in Kenya

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This 1056 Eggs Incubator is the perfect choice for poultry farmers in Kenya looking to increase their output. With a capacity of 1056 eggs, this incubator is designed to provide the optimal environment for successful hatching, with automatic controls of temperature, humidity and ventilation. With a power consumption of 400W with 240V AC, this incubator is also energy efficient and reliable. With a combined setter and hatcher, this incubator is a must have for all Kenyan poultry farmers looking for increased yields.

1056 Eggs incubator in Ecochicks is Affordable price in Kenya

  • Eggs capacity is 1056 eggs
  • Power consumption is 400W with 240V AC
  • It has automatic controls of temperature, humidity and ventilation
  • It is combined setter and hatcher
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free training
  • Free delivery countrywide
1056 Eggs incubator in Kenya
New brand 1056 Eggs incubator
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