To farm 1000 layers is not a joke. You need  to automate  as many tasks as possible



The layers are in cages. The cage can fabricated a the farm using the normal  wire mesh. The wire mesh can be painted to increase durability. Feeders can be improvised from drainage water pipes cut in a half

Automating watering system

Watering system is automated to reduce labour and improve sanitation.

Drug administration can also be made through the tank

Farmers are advised to start cheaply using locally available materials. Juakali feeders and drinkers can be used which are relatively cheaper. Bamboo can also be of very use in poultry


Local chicken feeders and drinkers to minimize costs







  1. I would like to have a complete structure for 1000 layers light breed . Advise where to get contact with cages

    Mathuki joseph
    1. We have the cages. call us on 0727087285

  2. Very inspiring, I wonna give it a trial from December, 2018

  3. wow interesting

    francis wambu amusyimi

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