Automatic egg incubator price

Ecochicks sells the best quality machines at a fair price, we have large, medium and small scale incubators. All our incubators can hatch all types of poultry eggs like chicken, duck, turkey, quail etc. Fully automatic temperature and humidity incubator, automatic turning, It is made of high grade material . It has good hatching rate according to market standards.

Automatic eggs incubator price in Ecochicks is dependable price in Kenya

  • Power 180w/12vDC/240vAC
  • Micro-computer completely automatic hatchery
  • Fully automatic control of temperature and humidity
  • Fully automatic tuning of eggs
  • Low power consumption
  • 1 year warranty
  • High hatching rate
  • Back up solar
  • Free delivery countrywide
500 eggs solar incubator
Digital hatchery

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