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  • 60 Eggs LED Display Incubators, Auto Temperature Control, Manual Egg-Turning,kuroiler kenbro kari kienyeji

  • ECO 64 Eggs Ac/Dc Solar Fully Automatic Incubator

    KSh15,000.00 KSh18,000.00
  • 264 egg cheap multi-functional incubator with fully automatic computer control system

  • 176 Eggs Ecochicks Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Goose Birds

  • 60 semi auto digital egg incubator from china,we offer free deliveries

  • Egg Hatching Incubator, 64 Eggs Incubator With 360° Automatic Egg Turning And Humidity Control Household Mini Egg Incubator Breeder For Chicken, Ducks, Birds

    KSh15,000.00 KSh18,000.00
  • 2112 Eggs commercial fully automatic hatching-chicks, geese, turkey, quail

    KSh130,000.00 KSh150,000.00
  • 528 Eggs medium poultry incubator fully automatic hatchery

    KSh55,000.00 KSh60,000.00
  • Advanced roller technology 64 eggs incubator

    KSh15,000.00 KSh18,000.00

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