Chicken cage for sale in Kenya

Chicken cages in Kenya with a capacity of 120 birds per unit. Come with all water accessories and fixtures for addition of Manure scrapper and feed cart which are optional. Warranty is 1 years, rust free.

  • Automated controlled system
  • High rearing efficiency
  • Designed for rearing and growing
  • Floor saving and cost efficient
  • Easy maintenance and operation

1. automatic drinking nipple

chicken cages in Kenya
automatic drinkers

Automatic drinkers ensure efficient utilization of water. it also reduces labour and prevents poultry diseases from spreading

2. chicken feeding trough

long working life, good ability of anti pressure , good elasticity , strong heat resistance.

feeding trough

3. automatic water voltage regulator

with the regulator, you can adjust the water pressure to  meet the chicken water needs. it is very convenient and can reduce the cost .



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25 thoughts on “Chicken cage for sale in Kenya”

  1. hi..av seen en liked ur products en would like to join the poultry buisness.Polite question do u give advice to beginers?

  2. please help do your cages have full accessories including automatic water system n feeders attached? N how can one access you coz i want to rear kroiler chicken

  3. i want to know the cost of border transport of incubator and hydroponics from kenya to tanzania kilimanjaro

  4. Please dear,
    I am Angolan and I like to start my own poultry business, and this is my first time on that business. Can you give me a quick course about that kind of business?

  5. 0726955783 is my contacts am julius and i would like your advice.have already constructed poutry structures but am confused now.i dont how to go about it please advice me

  6. Am impressed, kindly let me know when i can get in touch with you for some advice, i’ve made up my min dand i have to do chicken farming.

  7. please provide me with the price of the cage system I intend to start with 300 birds in cages already have the structure built, and do you provide transport around Nairobi?

  8. hi,
    i want to start rearing chicken 500-1000 in number(but not in cages).do you have manual/guide to help me on the number is 0712531948

  9. My number 0733 630 931. How much will above cost for 120 birds including transportation and setting it up in Eldoret

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