Chicken vaccines and their prices

Disease Age Vaccine Name Method of administartionEstimate price 
Marek’s 1 dayMarek subcutaneously injection ksh 3500/1000doses
 Newcastle/infectious bronchitis 7th day NCD+IB Drinking waterksh 500/1000 doses
 Bursal disease(Gumboro) 14th Bursal disease(Gumboro) Drinking water ksh 650/1000 doses
 Bursal disease(Gumboro) 21st Bursal disease(Gumboro) Drinking water
Newcastle/infectious bronchitis 35th NCD+IB Drinking wate ksh 500/1000 doses
 fowl typhoid 56th fowl typhoid intramascular injection ksh 400/1000 doses
 fowl pox 70th fowl pox wing stab ksh 700/1000 doses

Other common poultry diseases

 Disease Drug Method of administration  Estimate price 
 Coccidiosis Amprolium Water ksh 2500/kg
 Worms piperazine Water ksh 2000/kg

Disease symptoms 

  • Marek disease

Marek’s disease occurs as the nervous form, appearing as a progressive paralysis of one or more of the limbs. The birds are unable to stand, become paralysed, appear uncoordinated and slowly waste away from lack of food and water. In most cases the paralysis comes on quickly. In some cases the eyes may be affected, resulting in blindness.

  • Gumboro

The feathers around the vent are usually stained with faeces containing plenty of urates.Also, diarrhoea, anorexia, depression, ruffled feathers, especially in the region of the head and the neck are present.

  • Coccidiosis

Infected birds or chicks become droopy, look unthrifty, and usually have ruffled feathers, pale beaks and shanks.  Caecal coccidiosis has bloody droppings.  Mortality may be high and sudden

  • Fowl chorela

There is yellowish colouration on birds’ droppings, which is followed by yellowish or greenish diarrhoea.  Infected birds become droopy, feverish and sleepy. The birds also sit with the head down or turned backwards or rested in feathers about the wing.

  • Fowl typhoid

Ruffled feathers, paleness of the head drooping comb, loss of appetite and pale orange coloured diarrhoea.

  • New Castle Disease

In chicks, gasping coughing and sneezing is observed and ater nervous systems.  Birds may be seen sitting on their back hock joints; others may walk backwards; or in circles; or hind their head between their legs.

  • Fowl Pox

It is characterized by typical pox lesions in the form of wart-like scabs on the face, comb and wattles.

NB. The above prices only serve as estimates and help in planning. Consult with your local vet in case of any of the above symptoms and before administering any drug to your flock.

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