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Poultry equipment in Ecochicks

Eco is the best company dealing with poultry equipment country wide, we have incubators, cages, feed chopper, drinkers, feeders, and many more poultry equipment, Our company is the only company selling imported machine in Kenya. We have both large, medium and small incubator they can use both AC/DC power the machines also can save power during a power blackout, the machines is fully automatic display of temperature and humidity, Automatic turning of eggs, they have Excellent performance 98-100 percent, and guaranteed fifteen years life time. Poultry farming has become the most dependable business in Kenya and more profitable, now days you no longer need to struggle on how to extend your poultry farming Eco have the best solution on how to extend your business, you can visit our office for more guidance or whatsapp on 0727087285

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