Duck farming in Kenya

Ecochicks is the best home for poultry farming in Kenya

Duck farming is a developing business in Kenya, it offers ample opportunities for a decent stream of income. Duck meat is a sought-after product fetching higher prices than chicken. Duckling are fully grown in about 30 days. They require a long-term commitment from their owner, as they can live ten years or longer. Once domesticated ducklings become dependent on a person for food and care, you cannot just turn them loose in the wild and expect them to survive. Duck lay one egg per day, Each egg is fertilized reproductive tract, while geese lay one egg every day and a half, and swans lay one egg every two days. In incubation period duck take 28 days to hatch, therefore, duck farming in Kenya can be a great source of earning. There are many successful farmers who are making a high profit from their duck farming business. Duck farming in Kenya can also be a stable employment source and can improved living standards in Kenya.

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