Egg production is an important industry in many countries around the world, and it has undergone significant changes in recent decades. Some of the global trends in egg production include:

  1. Increased demand: There has been a steady increase in global demand for eggs over the past several decades, driven by population growth and an increasing awareness of the nutritional value of eggs.
  2. Industrialization: Egg production has become increasingly industrialized, with many large-scale operations using modern production methods to meet the demand for eggs.
  3. Consolidation: The egg industry has also become more consolidated, with a few large companies dominating production in many countries.
  4. Alternative production systems: There has been a trend towards alternative production systems, such as free-range and organic, as consumers become more concerned about animal welfare and the environment.
  5. Trade: The global egg trade has also grown significantly in recent years, with many countries importing and exporting eggs to meet demand.
  6. Food safety concerns: Food safety concerns, such as the risk of salmonella contamination, have also become more prominent in the egg industry, leading to increased regulations and efforts to improve food safety.

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