incubators in kenya and prices

Ecochicks eggs incubator is an electrical device that helps to automatically regulate temperature, humidity and turning to hatch eggs.

 incubators in kenya and prices

What types of incubators do we have in Kenya

We have solar eggs incubators as well as electrical eggs incubators

Which sizes of incubator available in the Kenyan market

Egg incubator sizes in kenyan market range from 64 eggs solar incubator to 5184 eggs incubator

Which is better between solar eggs incubator and electrical eggs incubators

Depends with power demand of the egg incubator. Mini incubators require little power and it is easier to use power. However bin incubators have medium power consumption and better suited for main power.

What are incubators in kenya and prices

64 Eggs-incubators with 2 Circulation Units 18,000.00
128 Eggs-incubators with 2 Circulation Units 25,000.00
192 Eggs incubators with 2 Circulation Units 34,000.00
528 Eggs Incubator Double function 55,000.00
1056 Eggs Incubator Double function 70,000.00
1232 Eggs Incubator Double function 80,000.00
1320 Eggs Incubator Double function 100,000.00
1584 Eggs Incubator Single function 110,000.00
2112 Eggs Incubator Double Function 125,000.00

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