Kenbro chicken farming in Kenya Leave a comment

Kenbro chicken is a free -range birds that is robust to disease and possesses as well-conformation, kenbro is managed as minimum supplementary feed and be ready for consumption/sale after ten to fourteen weeks. This bird is for live market sales, and as a replacement for indigenous chicken. Kenbro are fast maturity- males 3.5-4 kgs, females 2.5-3 kgs. Kenbro have high egg production 20-25 eggs per month, kenbro it lays eggs from age of 5 months to age of 18 months. you can manage kenbro chicks by- feeding them with vegetables e.g cabbages, kale and giving them fishmeal. most kenbro farmers supplement free range with self or commercial formulated feeds. The benefits of kenbro chicks has lead to a situation where farmers breed this veriety and sell to other farmers, these breed in markets makes most farmers prefer them to other varieties.

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