Do you need to buy a second hand incubator? Then you need to ask yourself the following questions

Why do I need a second hand egg incubator and not a new one ?

Most of the time the price difference between new and old eggs incubators is almost negligible. Prices are almost the same

What is the hatch rate of this second hand incubator?

The question is always why is the seller disposing the old incubator.

Is the repair or maintenance need after acquiring an old egg incubator

You should verify from the seller if there is any repair need on the old incubator

What is the price range

You should always have it at the back of your mind that is is an old incubator. So that should always reflect on the price as well

A hatchery does not necessarily need to be fully equipped with brand new equipment

Used incubators can also be very functional

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  1. How much do you sell a 7 egg incubator

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