2 weeks old kuroiler chicks

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Take this opportunity to order your Kuroiler poultry products directly from our dedicated Kuroiler farms. You can buy Fertilized Eggs, Kuroiler One (1) day Old Chicks, One Week old birds or One month old birds. You can also order adult chicken for eating at the comfort of your home or Mobile Gadget and it would be delivered to your door step. for more information call us on 0727087285

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Advantages of keeping a Kuroiler breed.

Poultry experts have ranked the Kuroiler breed as one of the best chickens.Therefore, a lot of poultry farmers are encouraged to breed Kuroiler breed because of its advantages. They are:


  1. They grow at a very fast rate and within five months they start laying eggs. They continuously lay eggs for a period of 2 years.
  2. Farmers have reported that eggs laid by Kurioler are highly nutritious because of their yellow yolk. Their meat is also of high quality and very tasty.
  3. Their eggs have been reported to be more nutritious because of their feeding pattern. Unlike other breeds that are fed on commercial breeds, Kuroilers feed on vegetable remains and other healthy waste products that add more nutrients to their bodies.
  4. This breed can be reared in all areas I. e whether arid or semi-arid or a fertile area. This makes it easy for all poultry farmers to breed them.
  5. Since they produce high quality products,farmers who rear them are guaranteed high profit returns.



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