128 Layers Chicken Cages

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Cage Capacity

  •   3 tiers on each side( total 2 sides) of the frame
  •   8 Nests on each tiers,total 24 nests one set
  •   4 chicken per nest
  •   96 chicken per set

Features of chicken cages in kenya

  • Automated controlled system;
  • High rearing efficiency;
  • Designed for layers;
  • Floor saving and cost efficient;
  • Easy maintenance and operation

Our chicken cages in Kenya are suitable for commercial Layers, broiler chickens and kienyejis. A cage comes with  Metal legs , drinkers, water pipes, ,water pipe connector, water tank connector, feeder, feeder connector,clip of assemble, pincer of assemble


  1. The chicken house is designed full automatic operation with auto feeding system,auto nipple drinking system,auto egg-collection system,auto manure removing system,cooling and ventilation systems,etc.
  2. Nipple drinkers:stainless steel nipple drinkers, The professional poultry water pipe is made of good PVC material ,Length 4m/pcs.,guaranty is more than 15 years,without leakag and long service life.
  3. the silver white feeding trough length is 3.84m/pcs, made of concentrate PVC,Loading capacity is more than 60kg/pcs.

3 reviews for 128 Layers Chicken Cages

  1. David

    Need layers cages,,how much

  2. ruth

    good info except no pricing

    • ECOCHICKS Farmer

      Hi Ruth, the 128 layers chicken cage costs Kshs.35,000. Thanks

  3. Ronn


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