The hatching process incubator

New Imported incubators in Ecochicks


An incubator is an equipment where fertile eggs are deposited to complete their development until hatching. There are incubators where the eggs are positioned vertically or horizontally.


In poultry production, incubation is the process where chicks are obtained from fertile eggs. It is a key process for the development of laying pullets and kuroiler chicken.

Factors that affect hatchability


Breeder nutrition, disease, mating activity, Egg damage, correct male and female body weight, Egg sanitation, Egg storage.


Sanitation, Egg storage, Egg damage, Incubation-management of setters and hatchers, chick handling

Cleaning and culling

Do not incubate eggs that are cracked, misshapen, soiled, or unusually small and large. You have to be carefully when you are dealing with eggs in order to get good hatching rate.

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