Turkey farming in Kenya

Turkey production in Ecochicks

Turkey farming is now gradually increasing in Kenya because of the awareness and many benefits derived from rearing turkeys. Turkey supply eggs and can be source of meat and their multi- colored plumage can be used for decorations. The poultry industry in Kenya is expanding rapidly and meat and eggs production is an important aspect in satisfying the undying needs and wants of the people. In Kenya very few farmers see opportunities available in raising turkey. Majority think that chickens are the best option for making good money. This is the one the options for profit and fresh meat is actually turkey. Turkey egg laying is mainly in march and April with peak hatching occurring in early may. With the incubation period it takes 28 days, most turkey breeds will mature between 14-22 weeks of age, you don`t have to miss this because people are earning money country wide because of poultry knowledge, You may think that with no job no money but that might not be as true as you think, you can also earn money by self employment and raise the living standard, also you will be able to provide to your family, so you the best opportunities to earn money here in Kenya, visit Eco home for poultry farming in Kenya and you will get good ideas and solution on how to start turkey farming.

Turkey farming in Ecochicks

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