What to do when Kienyeji Hens have drastically reduced their laying

What to do when Kienyeji Hens have drastically reduced their laying.

You can boost kienyeji hens to lay by doing one of the following

  1. Feed one gram of honey mixed with water with the forage to the hen every morning and evening.
  2. 2. 8% boiled vegetable seeds are added as additive with the forage. 4. Reduce 10% grain component from forage and add 20% earthworm gradually to the forage 4. Boil and cut earthworm in pieces and replace 10% of the grain component in the forage with this.
  3. Add 3% peanut shell powder to the forage instead of the grain component and feed the hen.
  4. Add 2% sunflower powder to forage.
  5. Add 2% zinc in the forage for 7 days. The quantity of egg deposition will be reduced after the first 3 days, and will totally stop after 7 days. The quantity of eggs laid will, however, increase to 50% after 2 weeks and will continue to increase by more than 10% every week.
  6. Dig a pit and put a layer of pig manure on the surface of the pit. Then put straw to cover the manure and add water to keep it damps every day. Maggots will be born after several days. Maggot is good food for the laying hen.
  7. Mix pig blood to wheat bran in the proportion 1: 1. Then put the mixture on the ground for drying. This mixture can be added to forage with some water. With this feed hen can lay 30% more eggs than normal.

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