Which eggs to incubate

Here are the key points to consider when selecting hatching eggs:

  • Source: Choose a reputable hatchery or breeder that has a history of producing high-quality hatching eggs.
  • Breed: Research different breeds of chickens and choose the one that meets your needs and preferences, taking into consideration egg production, meat production, or pet characteristics.
  • Certification: Check for any certifications, such as organic or animal welfare approved, if these are important to you.
  • Quality: Examine the eggs for cracks, deformities, and other visible defects before purchasing. Ensure the eggs are clean and have a smooth surface.
  • Storage: If possible, purchase eggs that have been stored at the right temperature (45-55°F or 7-13°C) and relative humidity (50-70%).
  • Age: The age of the eggs is an important factor, as fertility decreases as eggs get older.
  • Diversity: Consider purchasing a variety of breeds to diversify your flock and increase genetic diversity.

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